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Thank you for choosing Midtown Apothecary for your vaccinations! We appreciate your support of our small business!

Flu shots start October 17th for Albertans 5 years and older. We can also boost your Covid vaccine at the same time! Leave a note in the booking section telling us that you would like your booster and the date of your last dose.

We are vaccinating with the PFIZER vaccine for Albertans 5 years and older. Third dose vaccinations are available for those 5 years and older 5 months after second dose. Fourth dose vaccinations and the bivalent booster are available for those 12 years and older 5 months after third dose.

Each person must be assigned their own spot so please book for each member of your family. If there are not enough time blocks together, we can still accommodate you together but please still book a spot for each person.


*Masks are preferred in the office when you receive your vaccine.

*Please fill out the fillable consent form below, print it and bring it with you to your appointment. This will allow us to maintain our schedule.

*In order to control the flow of people in the store, PLEASE ARRIVE AT YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME ONLY. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE STORE EARLY. We will be strictly adhering to the booked time of your appointment. Drop ins are not allowed.

*Wear a short sleeved shirt so we can access your arm quickly and easily.

*Be prepared to wait in store, outside at our tables, or in your car after your vaccination for 15 minutes to monitor for allergic reactions.

*Bring one piece of government issued photo ID and your Alberta Healthcare card to your appointment.

*If you are not feeling well or experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, do not come into the store. Please call to reschedule your appointment.

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